Thank you so much for your creative efforts, the house looks great.  You work hard for the fee and have an obvious talent & training....the value of your work is easy to see. Kathy Stroud did a consultation and the staging of my Mom’s house.  Her house was listed on February 9, there were at least six showings in the first two days, and by the evening of February 11 we had an offer.  …..and the sale was finalized by February 18.

Cathy Groom

Home Owners

First Impressions

When you walk into somewhere new, somewhere you have never been before, what do you notice?  Do you notice the colour of the walls or the arrangement of the furniture?  Most people decide whether or not they are comfortable in a home within the first few seconds after entering; that is why it is crucial the impression made is a good and lasting one.  

This is where Canadian Staging Professionals take on the very important role of displaying your home to encompass all potential Buyers. CSP’s work magic in a space so it will come alive to spark buyer’s interest, also into feeling a sense of connection to your home.  This increases marketability, often resulting in higher offers and a speedy sale.

Sell your home for what it's worth, by securing the equity with Staging!

Hire a CSP™ today! Your home is the single biggest investment you will probably ever make. Be sure you get the most return on that investment by Staging before you market. Without Staging you could be leaving money on the table. A Staged property eliminates any bargaining chips a buyer  has when discussing price. Staging means more money in your pocket at the end of the day!
Sell your home fast!
What are you waiting for? What could you be doing right now if your home was sold? Staging your property today means moving forward so much sooner with your plans. A CSP™ will provide you with detailed guidelines to getting your house sold fast. By Staging your home and showcasing it in its best possible condition you are ensuring your house does not sit longer than necessary on the market. 72% of a buyers first impression is formed as soon as they step inside your house - from the entry they glimpse several rooms -ensuring the right impact is critical.
It's a FACT!
Staged homes:

The buyer feels secure knowing their best investment is a Staged property and provide you, the seller with the assurance you secured the best possible deal!